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Author: Ader Broersen  Date Posted:4 June 2024 

Love Local? So do we, and in this article, I’ll discuss Australia’s top 7 Dried Australian Grown Dried Native Flowers and their key features.

#7 – Australian Grown Dried Lavender

The fragrance of Lavender is clearly the reason for the popularity of dried lavender bunches. In a previous article (Fragrant Fascination: Your Comprehensive Guide to Australian Dried Lavender), we discussed everything you need to know about dried Lavender. One of the key takeaways is that even when the scent diminishes a little over time, you can revitalise it by simply crushing a few petals of the delicate dried Lavender flowers.

Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia x Lavendula Intermedia ‘Grosso’. Australian Made Certified: Yes


#6 – Australian Grown Dried Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass is always a bit controversial in Australia. While we all love the look of them, it is listed as a noxious weed, as discussed in a previous blog article, “Pampas Grass, everything you need to know”. Pampas Grass is prohibited in New South Wales, Tasmania & South Australia. However, in other states, for example, Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland, they are allowed, and they are embraced by florists and decorators and used to decorate or add a rustic look to wedding setups and floral designs.

Here is a quick tip about how to get the most value out of your dried Pampas Grass: 1) Give the stem a little shake. 2) Let them fluff up by putting them out in the sunshine for approx. 2 hours. They love the heat! 3) Spray them with hairspray to stop the shedding. 4) Avoid keeping them under A/C or heaters. To see the results, view this 15-second video showing you the before and after.

Botanical Name: Cortaderia selloana. Australian Made Certified: Yes


#5 – Australian Grown Dried Niten

The key feature of this product is its bright orange colour. It adds a little flavour to floral arrangements. The long, clean stems also make it a very easy product to work with. While it is easy to work with, it can be messy, as dried Nites drop a little flower. However, it isn’t extreme and doesn’t affect the overall appearance.

Botanical Name: Verticordia nitens. Australian Made Certified: Yes


#4 – Australian Grown Dried Tea Tree

Australian Dried Tea Trea is popular among florists for two reasons. First, it’s a relatively cheap dried flower, and second, it's great value for money. It’s a big bunch with many stems, so it is a great product line for floral designs to add some volume.

The many small flowers at the top half of the stems are very pretty. There are two types of Tea Tree: fine and coarse. The latter one has slightly larger but fewer flowers. The only downside of Tea Tree is the restriction for Tasmania, as it’s not allowed there.

Botanical Name: Agonis Parviceps.Australian Made Certified: Yes


#3 – Australian Grown Dried Banksia Baxteri

Banksia Baxteri is an Australian native flower that works well for floral bouquets because of its medium-sized flower and long, 50 cm-plus stems. The natural dried colour is a mix of green and yellow; however, it is often dyed with different colours, specifically pink, which is a popular choice for florists and decorators.

Fun Fact: A common mistake made by first-time dried Banksia baxteri buyers is mistakenly identifying the hairy appearance of Banksia ‘fluff’ around the joints as mould. But it’s actually perfectly normal. The image below shows that it's even visible on fresh Banksias.

Botanical Name: Banksia Baxteri Australian Made Certified: Yes

#2 – Australian Grown Dried Banksia Hookeriana

Banksia Hookerianas is arguably the most popular Australian dried native. The small flower (compared to, for example, a large Banksia Prinote) makes it a great product for one of Australia’s florist's most popular designs: the box arrangement. Large flowers are more difficult to combine with other mostly small to medium-dried and preserved flowers and foliage. But the compact size of the Hookerianas works very well. And like the Banksia Baxteri, they are also available in tinted colours. Last but not least, they are often cheaper because they are smaller.

Botanical Name: Banksia Baxteri Australian Made Certified: Yes


#1 – Australian Grown Dried Native Flower Bouquet

The number one Australian Dried Flower is a bouquet! Our Australian Dried Native Bouquet, or as we call it, ‘Ready 2 Go Bunches,’ is number one on our list, and rightfully so. And while we call them Ready 2 Go, for most of our customers, they actually only form the base of a larger dried flower bunch—a starting point to which they add their own twist by adding more dried flowers, creating their own design.

A great feature of this product is that its design changes throughout the season based on the available products at different times of the year. One example of a composition includes banksia Formosa, pink banksia Baxteri, hot pink Hookeriana, hot pink Tempeltonia, light pink Tea Tree, Sparsa, and Niten.

The ease of use, changing design, large product range, affordable price point, and year-round availability make it a much sought-after product. The only downside is that it’s not allowed in Tasmania due to the Tea Tree.

Australian Grown Dried Native Bouquet by All InSeason

What's next?

We hope this article helps you make an informed decision about choosing the Australian-grown dried flowers that work best for you. Don't forget to check out our complete Australian-certified dried flower product category, including product videos, and let us know in the comments below if you thought this blog post was helpful. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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