Colombian Wabara Roses

Our Colombian garden rose farm Alexandra Farms started this year growing the Wabara roses, varieties bred by Japanese breeder Keiji Kunieda of Rose Farm Keiji. “We tested over twenty-five varieties and we have chosen three for their beauty, hardiness and performance in the vase: Miyabi, Senlitsu and Tsumugi. Miyabi is a very sophisticated flower. It is hot pink on the edges and as it opens it reveals a peach heart. Tsumugi is a fabulous light pink, large cup shaped rose with over 100 petals. Senlitsu is a bit different. It has a deep cup shape and green exterior petals.

We can do solid or customized boxes.

If you want fresh flowers, please check out our sister company, HeyDay Blossom, and learn more about our Fresh Roses, Carnation and Disbud range and how you can order.

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