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Author: Ader Broersen  Date Posted:21 October 2022 

In this article, I will cover Australia's Pampas Grass restrictions, discuss the harvest, explain the different types, and give you some essential D.I.Y. Tips & Tricks on how to get the most value out of your Pampas Grass.

Is pampas Grass considered a noxious weed?

Yes, Pampas Grass is a noxious weed in some states; therefore, it has restrictions in Australia. Pampas Grass is not allowed in New South Wales, Tasmania & South Australia, as they are a highly invasive plant with the potential to compete with local native plants.

For many florists and decorators in other states, like Victoria & Queensland, for example, Pampas Grass is allowed, and thankfully so. The natural and rustic look of Pampas grass makes it a much sought-after product, specifically for weddings and home decoration.

Pampas Grass is not allowed in New South Wales, Tasmania & South Australia.

Harvesting time.

In the Australian summer months, December to February-March, it's Pampas harvesting time. And sometimes, if the winter has been particularly wet, growers can harvest the same crop twice. Another fun fact is that one bush can produce different types of Pampas, which can vary again from year to year.

Australian Pampas Grass harvesting season is from December to February-March.

What are the different types of Pampas?

You have the 'Female' Pampas, which are cream and fluffy, while the 'Male' Pampas have a more natural colour and a coarse texture. Then there is also the hanging Pampas, which hangs like an Amaranthus. They naturally come in shades of pink, purple, brown, and creams. When fresh, they are blush pink and deep purple, but the colour and textures can change when you dry them.

D.I.Y. Tips & Tricks to get the most value out of your Pampas.

Heat is the trigger for Pampas Grass. If you want the nice full and fluffy look, you should give them a shake and then put them out in the sunshine for approximately 2 hours, and they will fluff up beautifully, as you can see here. If you don't have as much sunlight as we have here in Queensland, customers from Victoria & Tasmania told us they use a hair dryer on low heat. This does the trick and much faster. Next, you can spray a little hair spray to stop Pampas from shedding. Finally, it would be best to consider where you will use your Pampas. Avoid placing them under heaters or Air Conditions; you will get the most value out of your Pampas Grass.

Heat is the trigger for Pampas Grass

What should be your takeaways?

  • Pampas Grass is not allowed in New South Wales, Tasmania & South Australia.
  • Harvesting season in Australia is from December to February-March.
  • Female Pampas is the nice and fluffy one, and heat from the sun or a hair dryer will fluff up your Pampas grass beautifully, while hairspray will stop it from shedding.

What's next?

  • For more information about Australian Dried Flowers, please read our blog post "6 facts everyone should know about dried flowers in Australia" or view our eight-minute video on YouTube.
  • Please visit our website here to view our complete range of Australian dried & preserved flowers, including Pampas.
  • Please do leave a comment. What's your take on Pampas Grass in Australia? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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