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Author: Ader Broersen  Date Posted:21 September 2022 

To decorate your home, event, or workplace with flowers, you don't need to be an interior designer. In this article, I share a few simple tips and tricks about how best to decorate your space with dried, preserved, and silk flowers and how to take care of them.


You don't have to be an interior designer or stylist to decorate with flowers. What you need is a bit of inspiration, flowers with stunning colours and textures, and a few tips and tricks to get you started!

"Did you know that there are actual 'Real Touch' Silk flowers? They look and feel so real; you wouldn't say they were silk."


People often ask how to decorate with flowers. Here are some quick D.I.Y. tips on decorating and styling with dried & silk flowers, taking essential floral design tips as a starting point.

  • Start with trying to visualize your idea. Where will the flower arrangement be used? Is it to decorate the living room, an office, or another space? What style or feel are you trying to create? Extravagant or minimalistic? While a big dry flower arrangement can seem challenging (but not impossible!), a minimalistic mono-styled piece can be just as stunning. Sometimes less is more. For example, putting a single stem Hydrangea in a small vase will always bring the wow factor.

  • Another key aspect is using the proper proportions. When using a vase, it's often best practice to ensure the size is 1/3 of the arrangement. Ratios are essential to basic floral design and ensure your styling is visually appealing.

  • When deciding on the colour palette, ask yourself questions to ensure they work for the space you will display them. Are they meant to blend in or stand out? While the trend in Europe is bold and bright, here in Australia, the natural and earthy tones are still leading, but ultimately, it's about what you like.

  • Use the right flowers and foliage. When creating a flower design to decorate your place, you must consider the type of products you want to use and their textures. There must be an eye-catching focal flower when using multiple products in a design. The focal flower is usually a larger type of flower, like a Preserved Rose, Dahlia or Ranunculus, that takes centre stage in the arrangement. Smaller flowers, like the Billy Button, Baby's Breath, or Carnations, are great to fill the arrangement and are often called filler flowers. Ferns, for example, mini or mountain ferns, add delicate textures and will finish the styling.


Are you killing all your plants? Don't your flowers last? Don't you have green fingers? No need to worry! There are plenty of dried, preserved, and silk flowers available. They are perfect for people with busy lives that prefer no-fuss flowers. They are very cost-effective and don't need refreshing all the time.

"Dried and preserved flowers will last for at least one year and most likely much longer than that."


While silk & dried flowers are low maintenance, there are a few tips to get the most value out of them. While you can use them outdoors, we don't recommend this as direct sunlight, and high humidity or temperatures will affect the quality. Therefore they are best used indoors. Pick the correct location. Make sure they don't get direct sunlight, as they might fade the colours, while high humidity will also cause the life span to decrease. While ideal temperatures are 18-22 degrees Celcius, normal room temperatures are good enough to get the most out of your flowers. If you keep those tips in mind, you should get your dried and preserved flowers to last for at least one year, and most likely much longer.


  • You don't need to be an interior designer or stylist to decorate with dried or silk flowers.

  • Visualize your design, think about the colour pallet, textures, focal & filler flowers, and don't forget the location.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity and keep indoors, and you are guaranteed to get the most value out of your everlasting flowers.


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Ader Broersen – Ader is Co-owner, Marketing & Sales Director at All InSeason Australia & New Zealand | 20+ years of experience in the agricultural/flower industry both in Holland and Australia with a passion for flowers.

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